The house you’re about to see is one of the most beautiful houses in the world. Oops, did I already said this for some other houses I published here on Architecture Beast? Probably. But none of them were like Nettleton 198. Take a look, you will be amazed how beautiful design ideas this home has.

Alright, let’s say something about this amazing piece of modern architecture. There’s a big chance you’ve already seen Nettleton 198 somewhere on the internet before. It went online in 2011 after it was built and almost every architecture/design website/blog published it. Yes, it really is one of the most beautiful houses in the world. Nettleton 198 is designed by seriously talented SAOTA, which stands for Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects. You already had the chance to meet this architecture firm through their previous projects published here on Architecture Beast, this amazing modern mansion and this gorgeous small apartment.

So, what makes Nettleton 198 one of the most beautiful houses in the world? I don’t even know where to start. It is located in Clifton, an affluent suburb of Cape Town in South Africa. Clifton is known as an exclusive residential area and it is home to some of the most expensive real estate in South Africa. As you can guess, this home is located on the cliffs, offering priceless views of Atlantic ocean and all the magic that goes with it.

Speaking of design, I was amazed with a lot of details and architectural solutions. But I would like to point out a few. First, black marble walls with timber floors and, wait for it, an impressive backlit blue glass installation which I have no idea how to call, but it looks incredible and creates beautiful atmosphere. Modern living room, open to the ocean, large terrace with infinity swimming pool, glass walls offering the same priceless views, etc. The whole house is designed to be perfect and to offer its residents the best possible living experience they can get.

For those who are still reading this, a few words from the architects: “Inspiration was drawn from the mountain and dark colours were used on the facade, allowing the building to visually recede into the mountain instead of being an obtrusive construction”, says Greg Truen, Project Partner. The site enjoys spectacular views, both of the sea and Lions Head and these views and the impact of the sun were key informants contributing to the overall design.

The sun being both a defining and also harsh influence on the property inspired the choice of screens, shutters and louvres that give the lower levels its distinctive gravitas. The living room can open up onto the west and the east completely, giving it the feeling of an open pavilion.” – SAOTA

So, after you see those photos, let me know, how do you like this home? Is it really one of the most beautiful houses in the world? Have you seen better one?

All photos are taken and owned © by Adam Letch

Nettleton 198, one of the most beautiful houses ever

Open walls of Nettleton 198

Nettleton 198, one of the most beautiful houses

Black marble hallway and timber floor

Round modern hallway and staircase

Modern kitchen in Nettleton 198

Open living room in Nettleton 198

7th floor terrace

Open living room in one of the most beautiful houses

Thin glass wall between modern living room and swimming pool

Modern timber staircase

Modern bathroom with glass wall

Street side facade of one of the most beautiful houses ever


Ground floor plan of Nettleton 198
Ground Floor Plan
1st floor plan of Nettleton 198
1st Floor Plan
2nd floor plan of Nettleton 198
2nd Floor Plan
3rd floor plan of Nettleton 198
3rd Floor Plan
4th floor plan of Nettleton 198
4th Floor plan
5th floor plan of Nettleton 198
5th Floor Plan
6th floor plan of Nettleton 198 house
6th Floor Plan
Seventh floor plan of Nettleton 198
7th Floor Plan

Facade drawing of Nettleton 198 house Street facade drawing of Nettleton 198 Section A-A of Nettleton 198 house