Door designs are more important than you might think when planning your future home. In this article, you will find 40 gorgeous front and interior door designs picked up to inspire you! Take a look.

When we think and dream about building our future home, or remodeling current one, first thing that comes to our minds is often general look where facade and general shape of the house come first. Will my house have flat roof? What color should my facade be? Big or small windows? Terrace? Balcony? (You don’t want to miss: top 50 modern house designs ever built!)

Entrance door designs

One thing that people often don’t even pay attention to is doors. Among the first things that your visitors see when coming to your house and definitely first thing they touch. (well, if we don’t count the doorbell 😉 ) Entrance doors might be the thing that will create first impression of your home. Are you trying to look rich? Do you want to let people know that you are friendly and welcoming? You like minimalist lifestyle? Door designs communicate these things, so pay more attention on what your home communicates about you.

Interior door designs

Doors inside your house have similar role. We see them as something that divides different living spaces, separates private rooms from, let’s call them “less private” ones, like living room and dining room where you usually entertain your guests. While that is true, doors inside your home will give up your personality along with the rest of your interior design. Are you communicating that you are shy and closed with big and thick doors? Or open and welcoming with thin glass doors? Do you like to be noticed with red doors in grey interior design?

Door designs will talk about us and we all kind of want to be presented in the best way possible. That’s why I picked up 40 modern door designs, from massive steel pivoting doors, to thin glass doors for your inspiration. Enjoy! After you are done, you might want to check out 40 modern entrances designed to impress!

modern door designs

minimalist door

modern facade and entrance door

black wooden door design

modern gate doors

opened black door

opened minimalist door

opened modern doors

creative black entrance door

wooden door design

minimalist wooden door design

amazing modern doors

black gate doors

dark wood at the entrance

wooden door design

dark door design

minimalist door design

slanted wooden doors

amazing double doors

all black modern doors

wooden wall as modern door

open pivoting wooden doors

open wooden doors

open entrance doors

indoor steel doors

contemporary wooden doors

modern door designs

steel gate doors

thin glass indoor doors

massive wooden doors

wooden entrance doors

steel entrance doors

thin glass doors

closed wooden doors

beautiful wooden doors

large glass doors

elegant wooden doors

modern wooden doors

modern wood and glass doors

modern pivoting doors

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