Do you care about how your entrance design looks like and what kind of impression it leaves? Do you think house design is important or you don’t really care and you’re just happy to have a roof over your head? If you’re trying to impress your guests with your modern home and leave good impression, then this is for you! Take a look!

First thing noticed, when someone comes to your house, is house entrance, right? Unless you have your guests coming in to you through the window, or chimney, like Santa. Just kidding, of course. House entrance is that first contact with your personal space, your style, and your personality. You want to make it right. That’s why people decorate their driveways, take care of their lawns, facades and, of course, entrances and gates. Most of the houses today are still designed in traditional style but as time goes by, people tend to notice the beauty of modern design in architecture more and more.

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Now, if you’re planning to take your home through the process of redesigning, rebuilding, or actually build your house from scratch, let me show you more than 40 modern entrances, designed to impress. Use them as an inspiration for your own home, personalize them with you own ideas, build them exactly like this or do anything you want. I picked them among thousands of entrance designs because they describe my personal taste the best. And now of course, I can’t decide which one of them would be my #1. So let’s start.

Entrance design ideas

Architects and designers around the world are full of incredible ideas when it comes to entrance designs. When searching for an inspiration, I came across many different examples – from modern steel gates to large wooden front entrance doors. Some architects love to use main entrance door as a statement, giving a hint on a high level of innovation they used in the project. Others tried to blend entrance doors with modern house facade making them tricky to spot.

Minimalist entrance

Wooden facade

Black metal gate

Ultra modern entrance

Wooden doors

Grass wall entrance

Entrance doors

The focal point of every entrance is door. I was impressed with all those different types of modern entry doors I’ve seen while putting this article together. Large pivoting doors are definitely my favorite. They seem heavy and imposing, just like middle age castle gates used to be. Especially if doors are built out of wood. This kind of gives you special experience of entering the house and gives new purpose to the entrance. On the other hand, glass doors are perfect to show that you really love modern style, minimalism and elegance. I especially love the fact that there’s glass which allows you to see from inside out, but not the other way around. And lately, glass engineering reached all new levels with a glass that can become translucent or dimmed simply by using a switch. Yes, you can turn on or turn off your window or door made of glass.

Red entrance door

Transparent glass door

Narrow minimalist entrance

Black entrance facade

Interesting modern facade

Stone entrance facade

Modern house entrance design

Another thing I liked while looking at those front entrance ideas is how some entrances are creatively lit up. Facade lighting can really do magic sometimes. Small details like house number signs are great opportunities to showcase creativity with lights. Architects also sometimes light up staircase that leads to the entrance, which not only serves the purpose but also looks amazing. Especially if you place LED strip lights under the stairs. Just look at the entrance design and stairs of this stunning modern home.

Speaking of stairs leading to entrance, I also noticed some incredible designs in landscaping that often surrounds house entrance. Some architects even went so far and designed small ponds and waterfalls around entrance paths. Or placed huge rocks and covered them with wooden platforms to walk on. Some might say that this is really too much for a home entrance design, but I kind of like it. I like everything that stands out from ordinary even when we’re speaking of entrances and entrance doors.

Modern entrance

Modern house facade

Stone and glass facade

Modern home facade

Tall stone entrance gate

Entrance vegetation

Facade lights

Beautiful modern entrance

Stone ramp entrance

Beautiful modern entrance

Pond below the entrance

Modern home entrance

Modern white facade

Wooden doors

Wooden walkway

Modern home at night

Minimalist facade

Modern facade

Modern home

Modern entrance

Entrance stairs

Unusual modern entrance

Palm tree and modern home

Modern home and facade

Amazing modern entrance

Modern desert home

Modern glass wall

Wooden facade

So what do you think? Which one of those 40 house entrance designs is the best and most impressive according to you?