If you think you need large house, full of different elements to have gorgeous and impressive modern home, you should think again. This small minimalist home and its creative design will show you how to build simple but impressive and cozy home. Take a look!

Shakin Stevens House, as it is called, is work of Matt Gibson Architecture + Design, a Melbourne-based award winning design studio. It is perfect example of small, beautiful and fully functional modern home, which is my favorite among all. Why? Let’s think outside the box now.

In my experience so far (stay tuned: new research is coming soon!), most people dream about large modern mansions, often over-designed with multiple styles, color combinations, furniture selection, etc. Which is kind of logical to me since most people can afford only one house in their lifetime so they will usually try to squeeze in everything they like, not realizing they are creating mess and bad atmosphere. Is there another way? Of course it is. You can step aside and let professionals do their professional work.

Or you can ask for a small minimalist home like this one. (it works for apartments too! Take a look!Let’s point out a few benefits here:

    • First, moneytalk. The cost of designing, building and maintaining smaller home is lower than doing the same with large house.
    • Second, because of its size, interiors will get more daylight, therefore, you will get natural atmosphere and save on your electricity bills.
    • Third, you can get open floor plan layout and well connected interiors.
    • Next, if you hire creative architect, you get gorgeous design, like here on Shakin Stevens House, which is more impressive and respected on smaller home than on large mansion.
    • It’s easier to secure.
    • It’s cuter.
    • With minimalist design, it will look bigger anyway.

Still not convinced? Then take a look at those beautiful pictures below (after which you can check out 40 modern entrances designed to impress!). So what do you think of this small minimalist home? Do you agree with me? Feel free to express your opinion!

All photos courtesy of Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

Small minimalist house facade

Modern minimalist facade

Open modern kitchen

Open wall in modern home

Small minimalist house interior

Small minimalist living room

Green modern living room furniture

Minimalist kitchen furniture

Modern minimalist kitchen

Minimalist dining room at night

Green minimalist wall

Grey bedroom wallpaper

Minimalist bedroom and hallway

Bedroom view from small minimalist home

Green entrance door

Facade of small minimalist home at night