Just because it’s small, doesn’t mean it can’t be your dream home. Today I stumbled upon this incredible small apartment which proved me once again, that you don’t need multimillion penthouse on 100th floor to have gorgeous apartment. Take a look, I fell in love with it instantly.

This masterpiece of small apartment is work of Dnipropetrovsk-based (yeah, try to read it out loud) design studio SVOYA, young and very talented group of designers and architects (follow them on Facebook). So, what is so special about this Ukrainian apartment? I would love to point out a few things I love about it. Probably the first thing you will notice upon entering is simple, minimalist, black hallway closet unit with two lamps on it and large urban photo on the wall. Very simple and welcoming atmosphere, especially at night, telling you that young people live here.

Modern living room is the central point of the apartment. If I can guess right, I think it’s located in the corner of building, which is great because you have 2 walls facing the city, which not only gives you great views, but also brings nice amount of daylight in, making your interiors bright and your electricity bills low.  This is one great tip for everyone designing or remodeling their apartments, put your living room in the corner.

One of the main features of this small apartment is open space which connects almost every room. This is nice visual trick which can make any small space look bigger. (Bonus tip: put a few big mirrors in there and you will make it even larger.) I love it how designers used furniture to connect modern kitchen with living room. Another thing that cathed my attention is marble wall with flat tv and home theater unit. I can imagine all the fun going on in there.

Now the best and most impressive part in this small apartment, the bedroom. While rest of the apartment is bright, from minimalist white furniture in the kitchen, large floor to ceiling windows to well lit ceilings and hallway, bedroom design is focused on darker colors, precisely, combination of dark brown and white. (I believe it’s proven how dark colors in your bedroom can affect your sleep in a good way.) And my all time favorite part, small luxury bathroom separated from bedroom with dark floor to ceiling curtain. Seriously, one of the best design ideas I’ve seen lately. White minimalist furniture, brown stone walls and glass screen. Plus, the lighting system which makes everything so intimate and romantic. Gorgeous.

And there is home office as well, from which I could run Architecture Beast if this gorgeous apartment was mine. 😛 That’s it. Small, but impressive, incredibly comfortable, friendly, modern and designed for young folks. I think it’s perfect.

What about you? What do you think of this small apartment? What do you like the most? Do you find more attractive this apartment or the one designed by SAOTA? Let me know in the comment section below those beautiful photos.

All photos are courtesy of SVOYA Studio

Modern entrance hallway in small apartment

Entrance hallway minimalist closet unit

Modern hallway design at night

Small living room in small modern apartment

Dark living room furniture

Living room with marble wall

Modern kitchen with white furniture

White kitchen furniture

Modern small apartment interior

Connection between living room and the kitchen

SMall apartment living room seen from the kitchen

Modern bed in small apartment

Bathroom and bedroom separated with curtain

Small modern bathroom palced in the bedroom

Luxury bathroom with stone walls

Modern home office in small apartment