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When it comes to settling on the designs and interior décor for your new home, it depends not only on your financial plan, but on recognizing what your needs are and what you hope to achieve. Many individuals attempt to play out a design without comprehending what they truly need with regards to inside stylistic theme, and thus, fail to transform their thoughts into reality.

If you are looking to create an interior design that’s elegant in style, then your best bet will be to seek the advice or hire a home interior design specialist to give you an appropriate design theme that meets your expectations.

In this article, we highlight the magnificent villa in Bordighera, Italy that describes how natural colors can be used to create an elegant interior design with attractive looking details.

Elegant living room interior deign by NG Studio

How to use elegant interior design to make your home feel luxury

The magnificence of nature in Italian Riviera is breathtaking. It inspired a team of interior designers from NG Studio to make an attempt on transforming the delicate interior for a private villa in Bordighera. Having conceived a dynamic concept in mind, they brought nature into the villa with a plan to harmonize space for comfortable living without superfluous effects.

Elegant dining room interior design by NG Studio

They integrated regular shades of sand and stone, shades of sky and ocean on nightfall to make an astounding background for the interior. A brilliant articulation in the inside was a mix of saturated green and stunning white to create a subtle and dazzling effect. See how interior designers from Fimera created elegance in this small apartment!

Modern living room by NG Studio

Elegant interior design by NG Studio

Elegant living room by NG Studio

What makes this interior design elegant?

There are a couple of features used in this villa that makes it special as a model that should inspire anyone seeking to achieve an elegant interior design using natural colors. One of the major things you may observe is the skillful use of furniture around the house. The flower vase in the room was introduced to portray the synergy between nature and light, inadvertently producing a contemporary visual effect.

Hallway interior design by NG Studio

Hallway decoration by NG Studio
The futuristic steel plated chandelier projects sophistication and elegance. The contrast of the chandelier against the white ceiling and the simple but flattering black colored chairs makes the dining area come to life.

Dining room by NG Studio

Chandelier above dining table by NG Studio

Chandelier details by NG Studio

The blue chair particularly stands out in this elegant interior design. It is intentionally done to subdue the monochromatic nature of the room. Without realizing it, you appreciate the warmth of the whitish background because of the interfering blue colors.

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Elegant living room furniture by NG Studio

As for the bedroom, the colors and elements blends seamlessly; from the bed covers to the curtains, wood textured flooring and wall cladding appear distinctive as they work together with the white ceilings to create excitement while emphasizing the ambience of the room.

Bedroom by NG Studio

Brown and blue bathroom design by NG Studio

Modern bedroom by NG Studio

Light design by NG Studio

King sized bed by NG Studio

Beautiful brown bedroom by NG Studio

Elegant bathroom by NG Studio

Elegant modern bathroom design by NG Studio

Blue fish sculpture by NG Studio

Modern bedroom by NG Studio

Contemporary chair by NG Studio

Sailboat sculpture by NG Studio

Brown modern bathroom design by NG Studio

Elegant interior design by NG Studio

Art sculpture by NG Studio

What other way to ensure a fascinating interaction with the surrounding environment than to provide sufficient soft landscaping. The use of stones, wood and the fusion of local materials in the facade at the exterior, consolidates the dialogue of a symbiotic relationship between the building and its environment.

White terrace furniture by NG Studio

Balcony view by NG Studio

Backyard with the view by NG Studio

Terrace space of modern villa by NG Studio

Swimming pool of modern villa by NG Studio

All photos © NG-STUDIO Interior design, 2015. Photographer – Rosa Amato

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