Looking for room ideas? Search no more. This incredible luxury apartment will inspire you with its elegance and minimalism. A true definition of “less is more”.

Alexandra Fedorova, a Moscow-based architect created stunning luxury apartment for her client, a New York-based pianist looking for a home in Moscow.

Room ideas: incredible modern living room

Alexandra’s design philosophy is focused on timeless interior design. Her designs are always up-to-date which makes them, as she calls it, “future-proof”. Modern furniture, minimalism and following black and white colors are elements that defined one of her most beautiful apartments. Her beautiful work is definitely full of room decoration ideas.

Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by the wall gallery with black and white photos, giving away the first hint about what is coming up behind the corner. (see how single hammock defined relaxing atmosphere of modern interior design.) Large modern living room amazes with its elegance. White and beige floor-to-ceiling curtains absorb the light coming through large windows, creating that way equally widespread daylight. Even though first thing everyone notices is luxury black piano, focal point of the room is definitely blue chair standing out from black-beige-white combination of colors.

Minimalism and elegance as an inspiration

Small modern kitchen was placed in the corner, wisely indrawn from the living room area. A single round glass table plays the role of dining room, reminding us again, of minimalism and simplicity that defined this luxury apartment. Bedrooms are made simple as possible, yet offered us plenty of room ideas. With brown and green combination defining first one, black and white created stunning atmosphere in the second one. Bathroom design is focused on beige, black and white stone tiles. Every room in this luxury apartment has a single plant, giving it soul and heart.

What do you think of this modern apartment and its room designs? Did you get any ideas for your own? Let me know in the comment section below!

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All photos courtesy of Alexandra Fedorova

Modern hallway by Alexandra Fedorova

Hallway decoration by Alexandra Fedorova

Room ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern apartment by Alexandra Fedorova

Amazing luxury apartment by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern living room by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern living room furniture by Alexandra Fedorova

Living room ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Blue chair by Alexandra Fedorova

Kitchen and dining room ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Dining room ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Kitchen room ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Amazing modern bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern work space by Alexandra Fedorova

Bedroom work space by Alexandra Fedorova

Bedroom ideas by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern bedroom design by Alexandra Fedorova

Black and white modern bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

Bedroom work space by by Alexandra Fedorova

Amazing bedroom by Alexandra Fedorova

Shower design by Alexandra Fedorova

Modernbathroom furniture by Alexandra Fedorova

Modern bathroom details by Alexandra Fedorova

Floor plan by Alexandra Fedorova

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