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As you may read on our About page, we are quite enthusiastic about contemporary and modern architecture, design, innovative products and technology. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to focus only on that topic.

Even though our daily routine includes searching and reaching out to architects and designers working with modern style, we are more than happy when such architects and designers reach out to us!

Since our mission is to inspire and educate people on their home planning journey with well designed, elegant, smart and and innovative projects, we are open to receive submissions of such projects from architects, designers, photographers, builders, etc.

But before you hit that “SUBMIT” button, please let us notify you about a few things:

  • Be aware that our goal is to save our users from “inspiration noise” which means we don’t publish often and don’t publish every project we receive
  • We are very selective and we decide which projects to accept based on criteria we defined as part of our long term strategy
  • Before submitting a project you need to make sure you have the permission of the copyright holder for all material you submit
  • You can submit a project by using the contact form below or by sending materials directly to
  • Send us 10 or more high resolution photos (please use services like Wetransfer or such), official project description and names of the copyright holders (like photographers)
  • If we like the project we will get back to you in a few days

And that’s it!

If you have any further questions or you need an assistance, feel free to contact us here!

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