Wood in interior design is something we all see very often, but it’s rarely done as good as in this modern apartment.

There is something beautiful and enthralling about awesome architectural designs when laid out by architects. But having such pieces implemented can have individuals rooted to the spot and gazing with mouth agape in admiration.  It is worthy of note to understand that besides the ingenuity of the architect, a whole lot of materials go into totally transforming the interiors of apartments, such as using wood in interior design.

The Barcelona apartment created by the very creative architects of ARRCC completely shows the beauty of wood in interior design. The aesthetic beauty creates a feel of an Afro-contemporary environment making apartments very cozy and comfortable. The ARRCC architectural team is based in Cape Town, South Africa. (don’t forget to check out this amazing house in South Africa as well!)

Interior design for entertainment and family life

Although achieving an African look and feel was the aim while still maintaining the aesthetic beauty of modern apartments, the vibrant Barcelona culture fuels the inspiration. With a complete blend of raw wood mixed with metals, suede and high-gloss surfaces to create a captivating experience and look.

The interior design as evidenced in the floor plan makes the apartment adequate for both entertainment and family life, with the efficient utilisation of space. Majority of the rooms showcase very rich texture and polished raw materials to give the Afro-contemporary feel. As for wood used in interior design, the rooms are not without a touch of stained oak wood. The use of darker woods also helped bring the Afro-contemporary feel to life.

Masculine colours and darker wood in interior design provide clues to the African rhythms

The dining boasts a feature timber ceiling which runs down the rear of the dining table. It made the single difference of highlighting the client’s important artwork.  The streamlined elements of textured wood and charcoal stone found in the kitchen, with dark woods wrapping into the wall, shows the beauty of wood in interior design and in creating an Afro-contemporary environment in an apartment.

Even the architects understand how tricky it is to create such masterpiece, and ARRCC director had this to say, “From an interior designer’s perspective, what may be trouble-free to the eye came with great complexity, we had to adhere to elements of the original plan including a historical hexagon-shaped central courtyard. Our solution to this tricky shape was to open the design up and reflect elements of this shape throughout the apartment.

The details of every part of the apartment where designed to captivate and enthral. This goes to show how much planning is put into every detail by the very professional ARRCC team of architects.

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All photos © Lorenzo Vecchia

Wood in interior design in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Wooden sculpture in interior design on Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Materials in interior design in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Modern living room in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Dining room and wood in interior design in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Wood in bedroom interior design in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Balcony exit in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Sitting room in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Modern interior in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Terrace in Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

Floor plan of Barcelona apartment by ARRCC

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