Among all amazing houses, there is one that stands out. The one that offers architectural elements so perfectly combined that you don’t want to miss it.

Amazing houses deserve awards

Biscayne Bay residence is an amazing house designed by Miami-based architecture firm [STRANG] Architecture, well known for its pre-eminent modernist design. Located in south Florida, this beautiful house won the AIA FLORIDA Excellence In Architecture award and the AIA MIAMI Merit Award of Excellence award in 2014.

Amazing design elements

An award winning design of this amazing house pretty much speaks for itself (see this amazing house in South Africa too). Front facade welcomes visitors with a minimalist entrance, narrow wooden doors on clean white stucco, visually framed with two tall palm trees. Upon entering, narrow modern hallway is leading you to bright living room with high ceiling and contemporary furniture which creates fresh and exotic atmosphere. Sliding glass doors are key feature of this amazing house, with the ability of connecting modern indoor living space with outdoors. Speaking of outdoors, an impressive 25 meter long swimming pool is definitely something we all can be jealous of (is this impressive interior design perfect?). Surrounded with tall green vegetation, it connects center of the house with the bay.

“This design adroitly incorporates a 25 m lap pool within a small site. The pool becomes a governing feature of the overall design as it plunges deep into the heart of the home. The second floor of the home is cantilevered above the pool below. Principal building materials include clean white stucco and “Florida keystone”. Impact-resistant sliding glass doors are used throughout and the presence of an internal courtyard breathes light and air into the many living spaces. Deep overhangs protect the home from the harsh afternoon sun and frequent downpours.”Max Strang Architecture

Your opinion

So, how do you like this amazing house? What do you think about the swimming pool? Would you change anything? Let me know in the comment section below. Recommended next: Most beautiful houses in the world: House M

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All photos © Robin Hill and Max Strang Architecture

Modern facade by STRANG

minimalist facade by STRANG

open wooden doors by STRANG

amazing home by STRANG

Amazing home dining room by STRANG

modern living room in Miami

modern living room by STRANG

hallways by STRANG

hallways by STRANG

bathroom in an amazing home by STRANG

amazing bathroomby STRANG

bathroom view by STRANG

pool view from dining room

minimalist bathroom by STRANG

25 meter swimming pool by STRANG

amazing home at night by STRANG