When it comes to a dog friendly homes, architects usually have numerous solutions but this round house design is definitely one brilliant move.

The slogan ‘Living in a tailored suit’ has an unusual twist this time as it involves a lovely family and their beautiful Alaskan malamute dogs. The tailoring of the 360 Villa project is especially done by the proficient architects from 123DV to bring intimacy between the couple and their dogs – which are an inseparable part of their lives. The dogs need a cozy shelter outside the house, as well as constant attention from their owners.

Round house design for dog owners

This time, architects from 123DV decided to construct a villa with a modern round house design to allow constant contact between a couple and their dogs. (check out their “Cool Blue Villa as well) The villa has a continuous window all around the house which allows a 360 connection between the inside and outside of the house. A canopy goes around the modern round house to shelter and shade the dogs on sunny and rainy days – no matter the direction of the wind.

The garden floor close to the bedroom and kitchen goes halfway up the façade to allow the residents see their dogs at an equal eye level while cooking or saying goodnight to them. The mirrored walls at both ends of the terrace provide visual contact between the residents inside and the dogs outside.

They made good use of the 85 m2 area by offering a spacious feeling while allowing maximum contact between the residents, their pets, and the garden. There is also privacy in the house as the hill shades the house at the side of the street, while the other rooms in the house can be detached from the living room by simply closing a sliding hatch.

Circular house creating openness and feeling of freedom

Client’s most important priority for this round house was “openness and creating a feeling of freedom so that the inside and outside of the house are blended into one.” 123DV understood this and skillfully brought it to reality without the house losing its sense of privacy. “We had a great experience working with Liong and his team” – said the owner.

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All photos © Hannah Anthonysz

Round house by 123DV

Circular villa by 123DV

Round house design by 123DV

Walking path towards the round house by 123DV

Dog outside the round house by 123DV

Facade of the round house by 123DV

Terrace in round house by 123DV

Living room in round house by 123DV

Modern interior in round house by 123DV

modern bathroom in round house by 123DV

modern bedroom in round house by 123DV

Bathroom in round house by 123DV

Round house design by 123DV

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