Security is a top concern for any homeowner. You want to make sure that you’re able to protect the place you and your family have come to call home. There are a variety of options available to suit any needs, from the largest of mansions, to the smallest of apartments. But it can often be hard to know if you’re making the right choice.  

From classic to high tech, how do you begin to unlock what would best suit your home? We’ve scoured The Lock Shop to uncover the latest in home security tools and made our list of the best security tools you need to know about before securing your purchase. 

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are a staple of most Australian homes. Working in tandem with your usual door knob lock, deadbolts usually sit just above the door handle. A deadbolt lock can have either a single or double cylinder, providing your door with an extra layer of security. These locks are usually only able to remain open if moved from the inside, providing peace of mind about the security of your front door. 

Window locks

Window locks give that extra sense of security to your home. Gone are the days when an old rod would be placed in the runs of a window to prevent it being opened. Window locks can also be adjustable, so you can choose to lock your window shut or slightly ajar. This is an important feature for the Aussie summer so that you can enjoy a nightly breeze without worrying about your safety. 

Garage door locks

When it comes to securing your garage door, there are a lot of different options depending on your door type. There’s the classic tilt up, and roller door style garage doors that are usually able to be secured with a key. Then there are some modern garage doors that are operated entirely electronically. There is a range of options to safely guard whatever it is you store in your garage

Automatic gates

Automated gates provide many different layers of protection for your home. They can provide you with access to your secured property without even needing to leave your car, which is one feature that makes them particularly safer and more user-friendly than manually operable gates. 

Similar to an electronically activated garage door, an automated gate can also be secured in many different ways, including a strong magnet. Automatic gates are a good security tool for a household that has many vehicles which will come and go throughout the day. If you have a big family, automatic gates could be the key to both monitoring the flow of traffic in and out of your property, and making sure that nobody has to deal with being blamed for leaving the front gate open ever again.

Security fences 

If you’re looking for a strong first line of defence, you should know what type of fence best suits your needs. A good fence may provide a visual shield as well as a physical one. This can ensure your home is safe from the prying eyes of others. 

Most modern fences are Colorbond steel and provide privacy but not the best security. A more secure fence would be the spear top styled fences. These fences are harder for intruders to scale, giving you an extra piece of mind when it comes to your protection. 

Sliding door locks 

In the hot Australian climate, sliding doors are a common feature that you can expect to see in many modern homes. This is partly because of their convenience, but also because they allow the breeze to circulate through a house and thus, cool down your home naturally. Finding a suitable lock for a sliding door can be tricky, however. Every property I have ever lived in has had some sliding door with a unique locking mechanism that requires a specific set of procedures to take place in order for it to open. So when purchasing a lock for your sliding door, remember to prioritise ease of use. A good rule of thumb here is to think about who you can expect to be operating your sliding doors (i.e. kids or elderly parents), and making sure that your sliding door lock caters to their unique accessibility needs.

Smart doorbell cameras

We’ve all seen the rise of Ring doorbells. This is perhaps one of the greatest inventions in modern security tools. Smart doorbell cameras can connect to your mobile device, allowing you to be connected to your doorbell feed no matter where you are. Naturally, this makes it a lot easier to leave your home for a holiday. 

As these smart doorbell cameras are also able to record audio and video, they have already proved instrumental in preventing parcel theft. Some homeowners have even used their doorbell video footage as evidence in potential break-in cases.

Motion activated lights 

A classic addition to any home, motion activated lights have many uses beyond providing a sense of security. These devices have been used for years and have remained relatively unchanged in their design. 

Whether it’s used as a deterrent for thieves or as floodlighting to help you see when you come home late at night, motion activated lights are perhaps the most important security tools for modern homes. 

Staying secured 

When it comes to personal home security, there is truly no such thing as being over prepared. Technology and innovation have given us advancements in home security that can provide peace of mind to those of us that maintain a busy lifestyle. However, there is something to be said for all those trusty deadbolt locks and other low tech home security options. All in all, striking a balance between the two is undoubtedly the best way to ensure your protection and the security of your abode. 

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